CHI 2019: Mon 11AM in Crowne Plaza Shuna/Staffa

Join us at CHI! Our SIG on Learning, Education, & Families is on Monday, 11:00-12:20 in the Crowne Plaza, Shuna/Staffa room (known as Island A CROWNE on the online CHI program)

List of learning & edu papers at CHI 2019

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A CHI 2019 special interest group (SIG) to support HCI in learning and educational contexts.

This SIG will bring together researchers, educators, and practitioners with three goals in mind:

  1. Discussing more inclusive cross-disciplinary perspectives on learning.
  2. Defining future directions and standards for learning and education contributions in CHI.
  3. Building community across research/practice boundaries.

We are proposing this SIG in response to a growing interest in learning-related papers, as signaled by a 40% increase in CHI submissions relating to learning in recent years and the creation of the Learning, Education, and Families subcommittee for CHI 2019.

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Cover page of Learning, Education, and HCI write-up

To learn more about our SIG, read our short write-up on our SIG on Learning, Education, and HCI (accepted to CHI 2019).

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Are you a researcher, professional, educator, or caring human interested in how we interact with technology in the learning contexts? Then find out more and/or getting involved!


We are faculty, researchers, and students from eight universities from four countries with diverse perspectives on learning, education, and HCI.